Event calendar

Information for extracurricular events
You may feel Japanese culture in your bones enjoyably all the year round. We intend to achieve integration between instructors and students through off-campus activities. Every single activity develops “ability to think” of students.

April Enrollment ceremony (for April students) / Cherry blossom viewing party

Current students and all staff of our school welcome new students. Checking the timing of cherry blossom flowering, all of students and school staff go to a park such as Shinjuku Gyoen Park and enjoy cherry blossom viewing party together.

May Golden week holidays

9 consecutive holidays could be generated depending on the calendar. Please experience various things using holidays. We’ll offer information about events and the like organized just in Golden week holidays across the country.

June Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students / regular examination / excursion

Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students, it is a major checking station for students. After your hard work for the test, waits an excursion to, for example, Tokyo Disney Resort or Fuji-kyu Highland.

July Japanese Language Proficiency / July Star Festival / Summer vacation (from late July)

On Star Festival, you may write your wish down on a strip of paper and tie it to bamboo leaf keeping your fingers crossed. Every year, you can find many serious or unique wishes on the leaves. And the long-awaited summer vacation will be.

August summer vacation (~end of the month)

Long summer vacation! Hey, all of our students! Be careful not to up set your health by series of scorching hot days and also take care not to be involved in traffic accidents. We also offer information about fireworks events and summer festivals around the country in advance.

September Regular examination / traveling class

Have a pleasant sweat in sports event! Try to feel “live Japanese language” in your bone in an exchange with volunteers.

October fall break (from early October) / enrollment ceremony (for October students)

Fall break is short but it’s a good chance for you to review the studies up to this time. On the enrollment ceremony, current students and all of school staff welcome new students.

November Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students / traveling class

Before the examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students, you may feel unusual sense of tension. Students are completely supported by all staff.

December: Japanese Language Aptitude Test / regular examination / Christmas party / winter vacation (from late December)

At Christmas, parties are organized in and outside of our school, and there will be an opportunity to go out to enjoy Christmas illumination. Maybe some gift for you?

January winter vacation( until early January) / experience of Japanese New Year’s Day event

You can experience Japanese new year’s day practice such as new year’s writing, karuta game and amazake drinking. New year’ cards should be dropped into a post box at the end of year.

February Setsubun / school trip

Enjyoy to your hearts’ content with your class mates who have shared occasions together up to now. Destination and the schedule, for example, are determined based on the result of questionnaires by students.

March: Regular examination / commencement ceremony / spring vacation (from late March)

The commencement ceremony is held at a hired venue in Nakano ward. Speech of headmaster, farewell address, answer to the address and presentation of diploma, etc. are scheduled to be performed. After the ceremony, commencement party is prepared.