Policy on privacy

Tokyo Nakano Language School has developed policy on privacy as follows. We promise to carefully treat personal data, strictly based on the policy on privacy and respecting your rights and benefits as much as possible.

  • We comply with the act for protection personal data and other laws and ordinances.
  • We have established a personal data management committee with designated management representative, in order to thoroughly manage personal data.
  • We maintain a reliable management system by checking the management of personal data on a regular basis.
  • We don’t use personal data for purposes other than that limited to vocational school’s original scope of service such as educational activities.
  • We neither disclose nor provide personal data to third person.
  • In case of inquiry, request for disclosure and proposal of revision or elimination, a person in charge of inquiry counter will promptly respond.

Administrative director of Tokyo Nakano Language School
Kouta Yoshida

Headmaster of Tokyo Nakano Language School
Hyashi Kaichi