Introduction of our school

School building Class rooms
Nakano school building
1st floor Office / Instruction department room / Library / Nurse’s office
2nd floor Classroom 201 / Classroom 202
3rd floor Classroom 301 / Classroom 302
You can enjoyably take lessons in bright and neat classrooms.

Library Nurse’s office
Many items such as Japanese language materials, reference books, novels, newspapers and magazines are in place.
Nurse’s office
Medicine, beds, air conditioning and other fixtures are fully equipped. (A clinic is located at 30 sec. walking distance.)

Smoking area
Please guard against excessive smoking.
Bulletin board
Useful information for daily life such as part-time job information and rental properties information is put on the bulletin board.

Personal computer
You may use the PC with continuous connection internet service freely at any time
Information magazines and newspapers corner
Magazines and newspapers of different countries as well as Japan are prepared. Moreover, documents of universities and vocational schools are also available.

Dormitory External appearance of dormitory
Student dormitory
It is located at convenient area of two stations distance from the one nearest to our school with shopping avenue and convenience stores nearby.

Resort facility

Our school has a resort facility in Echigo-yuzawa known as a place appeared in “Yukiguni” which is a piece of work of Kawabata Yasunari, a Nobel laureate in literature. Echigo-yuzawa is popular as a hot-spring town down the ages. With a big spring swimming bath fully equipped, it is an ideal facility for skiing in winter and getting relief from the heat in summer. It is available for any student of our school.

Qualification for use : Our students and their relatives
Usage fee : free (energy bill is the individual responsibility)
Occupant load : 10~16 persons
Equipment : bath, toilet, kitchen (for self-catering)
Location : within Ipponsugi ski resort
Address:2521 Yuzawa-cho Minami-uonuma county Niigata prefecture
Lion’s mansion Echigo-yuzawa room number 1211
Access:Tokyo station → 75 min. (by JR Joetsu Shinkansen bullet train)
get off at Echigo-yuzawa station→ 10 min. on foot
Resort facility