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These are documents required for college admission 2-year course and 1.5-year course.

Make sure that required documents are different depending on the applicants’ nationalities.

Applicant with nationality of China
Applicant with nationalities of Vietnam, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh,Sri Lanka.

You can download forms for application form, resume and written oath of defrayal from this page.

Applicant related documents

  1. 7 identical photographs (taken within 3 months, 4cm in height 3cm in width)
  2. Resume : “designated form of the school/ written by the applicant” (Statement of purpose is required for Japanese translation.)
  3. Certificate of completion of Japanese Language Study (required only for those who have experience of Japanese language study, Japanese translation is required.)
  4. Family registration certificate
  5. Graduation certificate or original copy of diplomas (Japanese translation is required.) of final education (high school, university etc.)
  6. School certificate (only for those who are in school)
  7. Photocopy of passport
  8. Immigration record form

Financial supporter related documents

  1. Written oath of defrayal “designated form of the school / written by the financial supporter”(Japanese translation is required)
  2. Family registration certificate
  3. Certificate of bank deposit of the financial supporter (Japanese translation is required)
  4. Certificate of employment of the financial supporter (Japanese translation is required)
  5. Annual income verification of the financial supporter (Japanese translation is required)